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  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Lied Just To Get The Sale

    Top 10 Most Complained

    GoGroopie (58)
    Never Use Again

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Terrible Service, Do Not Use

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Flowerfete.co.uk (36)
    Do Not Order From Here

  • Recently Responded

    Albany Assistance
    Albany Assistance Complaint

    Top 10 Most Complained

    FlightFiesta.co.uk (31)
    Fraud Committed by this Company

  • Recently Responded

    Fastest Route To a Solution Thank You!

    Top 10 Most Complained

    The White Lighthouse Furniture (24)
    Think Twice Before Using

  • Recently Responded

    Completely Ignored! Stressful Experience

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Lidl (13)
    What does the CEO think

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Corner Sofa

    Top 10 Most Complained

    ScS Furniture (12)
    No Communication Between Store & Fitter

  • Recently Responded

    No Item, No Contact

    Top 10 Most Complained

    EE (Everything Everywhere) (11)
    Why Bother With Customers

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Salesman Misled me to get Sale

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Best British Sweets (10)
    No Delivery

  • Recently Responded

    Poor Quality Product and Even Worse Service

    Top 10 Most Complained

    UCSC Burnley (8)
    Knackered 4x4 by Far

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    No Happy with my Sofa

    Top 10 Most Complained

    M Blue Ltd (8)
    2 Weeks Still Not Repaired

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The White Lighthouse Furniture | Poor Quality, Poor Service Do Not Buy! ... Thu 01 Oct 2015 by Joanne29

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M Blue Ltd | Avoid at All Costs Sun 09 Aug 2015 by Mark

GoGroopie | Never Use Again Sun 09 Aug 2015 by Lm

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Apart from high parking charges, many councils cream money off motorists by operating machines that do not give change
Parking MetersThe RAC Foundation has published figures showing that many local authorities across the UK regard motorists as little more than cash cows.

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