Our Mission Statement

To enable companies to rebuild consumer confidence in their products and services, whilst empowering consumers to shape the way customer service is delivered, at the touch of a button.

Why We Do What we Do ?

According to a recent government survey, whilst 83% of consumers believe that businesses should work harder to retain customer loyalty since the onset of the recession, only 5%, of the population surveyed, felt the service they received had improved over the last 3 years. So even though times are tough, and companies are faced with increased competition as our disposable income gets smaller, online shopping is overtaking the footfall in the High Streets, the international market is reaching the consumer via the internet and in the comfort of their own home, UK based companies have still not got the message about the importance of good customer service.

Companies are not only doing us, as customers, an enormous disservice. With the speed and reach of the internet, and the “virtual market place” with its instantaneous feedback, viewpoints and showcasing of good and bad consumer practice, they are also harming their own business, their own brands, and eventually their own profits.

This reluctance to change and adapt, and use the benefits of the virtual market place to meet the customer on an equal platform embracing the opportunities the internet brings, seemed very short sighted to us. And this is where our story really begins…

Our Story

In 2012, what started out as a campaign to improve customer service levels generated an idea so simple that it has literally revolutionised the customer service industry. In the worst recession in living memory, not only were levels of service low but nearly every week we seemed to be reading about new scams as the market for online fraudulent websites or fake products took off. Poor products, not fit for purpose, not “as described”, and with confusing and unclear terms and conditions all served to reduce consumer confidence to an all-time low.

The ordinary person on the street did not have a “one stop shop” where they could air their views, and honest companies didn’t have an online platform where they could respond to these views. This is where iRateiSlate came in with a bold, unique and consumer driven approach (those aren’t our words- it’s what our users and business partners tell us). With a simple and straightforward few clicks of a button, both seller and buyers can meet face to face, free of charge on an equal online platform. The consumer can air their views, praise or complaint, and we enable the companies to respond, helping them to rebuild consumer confidence, improve their reputations, promote their brands, increase revenues and stimulate economic growth.

Simple yet brilliant – we’re just surprised no one thought of it first. And we keep you up to date with the latest news, scams and articles including inviting you to tell us what is happening on the shop floor so to speak.

Now is the time, for companies, to take advantage and embrace the opportunities that the internet brings in so let’s embrace the change and together we can make a difference.

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