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Nature: Barclays

Date: Jun 03, 2012 17:31:26

View: Unhelpful staff absolutely appalled


Submitted by: Unhappy Chappy

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Unhappy Chappy

Date: Jun 03, 2012 17:31:26

I walked into the Barclays branch in Cowley Oxford on Friday 1st June to order a new card for my account that was previously dormant.

I produced a photo ID which had my previous address on it. I was told by Megan Clare (The customer service assistant) to use the in branch phone and press option 2.

Which I did. The telephone operator confirmed who I am and informed me since the account was dormant for a while he would need to speak to someone from the branch and explain to them what they would need to do and asked me to put one of them on the phone.

I told him that the branch was a little busy and everyone seems to be busy with someone and it would be rude of me to interrupt anyone. I told him to explain to me and I would relay the message onto the staff.

Big mistake! I joined the queue yet AGAIN and got the same person. I explained what the operator had said and she again FOBBED be off, saying that because the photo ID had my old address she can't do anything.

I explained to her that a person on the other end of the phone COULD CONFIRM who I am without a PHOTO ID and yet you cannot when I am in front of you? I demanded to speak to the manager about closing the account and she happily trotted along to call him.

What took like a good 5-6 minutes she came back alone. She said that the manager is on a conference call and cannot see me! I went on to explain that I am going to be submitting a complaint on this site and she changed her tune.

She said that she will endeavor to resolve this only AFTER telling her that I am going to submit a complaint on this site.

What has the UK come to when come to service that we have to threaten to get the service WE PAY FOR?

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