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Date: Jul 18, 2012 19:26:55

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Date: Jul 18, 2012 19:26:55

I have a severe hearing problem. I am an expatriate who was born in the UK and I am currently living in Canada.I have been writing to the BBC for years about the provision of closed captioning on BBC NewsWorld broadcasts shown over here in Canada .... for which, I pay extra ...... and is supplied by ShawDirect my Canadian satellite television provider.

While visiting the UK I have noticed that all programming by the BBC comes with closed captioning.

Why is it that BBC NewsWorld does not have closed captioning. It is the only current News service that I watch in Canada that does not come with closed captioning. This is a major problem for people like me who have a hearing impairment.

I have been in touch with ShawDirect, they pass the buck and say it is a problem stemming from the BBC.
I have complained to the BBC and I have been told in e-mails (for years) that closed captioning is being worked on for BBC NewsWorld.
I am hoping that you might be able to do something to help resolve this complaint.
Please try to help me with this matter.
Yours truly,
Stefan Cieslik

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