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Date: Jun 05, 2012 16:23:54

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Submitted by: benny

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Date: Jun 05, 2012 16:23:54

Unfortunately I have to write this complaint letter to express my dissatisfaction because
The most important is the attitude:
In the cold February the staff opened the door of the training room and we are cold. I asked them to close it but nothing happened. (Fortunately I did not catch cold.)
Apart from that I have got inconvinience many times.
For example the reparation of the sauna took more than one month and I could not use it however I paid the full membership and I have not got any refund.
In addition sometimes a part of the equipment does not work and I had to wait a week for repairing them.
It happened more than once that there was not hot water in the shower.
I wrote an official, written complaint on their website, I wrote everything you can read above. I wanted to cancel my membership because that is not the proper service I am paying for.I have not received any answers!!

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