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Date: Jul 01, 2012 17:37:54

View: Nationwide Bank branch staff mislead me


Submitted by: angrypunter

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Date: Jul 01, 2012 17:37:54

I was mislead by a staff member at the Stanford Le Hope branch when I requested a SWIFT payment, the counter clerk did not explain that I may incur bank charges even though I made it clear that I wanted any charges to be paid by the beneficiary,

Also I was NOT corrected by the counter clerk when I told her how much money in GBP I wanted Transferred, also she did not give me any indication of how much would be debited from my account, I later found out when I checked my on-line account that a lot more money was debited from my account than what I verbally told the counter clerk I wanted debited.

She did not correct my assumptions, she is now being economical with the truth.
This matter can be resolved by refunding me the difference between what I said I wanted debited and what was actually debited from my account some £454 I would also like the Transfer SIFT fee of £25 refunded as a gesture of good will from Nationwide.

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