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Quickpass LGV

Quickpass LGV

Nature: Quickpass LGV

Date: Jul 09, 2012 21:23:50

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Submitted by: Sucker

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Date: Jul 09, 2012 21:23:50

Quickpasslgv will not provide training
They take your money promise everything
then do nothing
I sent documentation in the form of D1s theory pass certificates CPC's, hazard perception
These were checked by John Roberts and OK ed John Roberts was assigned as my training coordinator
We started training in north London 3 days in and course was stopped
We were informed 2 days before the test date we were driving on the wrong licences
When I contacted John Roberts he said it was my problem he couldn't help and there wasn't to be any refund
The training was eventually rebooked for the 9 to 12 July
On the morning of the 9th they sent me an email to say training was cancelled
John Roberts my so called training coordinator will not talk to me now
Quickpass will now not pay for tests or
mod 4 of cpc I also paid for pass protection this made no difference
Despite not sitting one test they will not pay back test fees
All that was paid is for training this is done with elite Hgv they are very good
James the boss has jumped through hoops to complete my training
I have paid the extra test fees and for cpc mod 4
I have taken time to give this message to every one please don't go through what I did

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