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Date: Jun 03, 2012 15:32:14

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Submitted by: Zhoo

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Date: Jun 03, 2012 15:32:14

Congratulations I believe this is the best website, to the team that worked brilliantly in bringing us this user friendly site Thank U. People make the most of this coz for a change its free n made for us the consumers.

Goodluck n all the best to irateislate,I rate url the best 100%.

Great, excellent n thanks for being consistent.


Date: Jun 03, 2012 15:32:14

Thank you for your feedback! We have received a fantastic response to the launch of the site.

We are pleased to offer consumers a platform where they can interact with the companies directly as opposed to the laborious procedure that is currently in place.

It gives consumers the added comfort that their issues will get resolved sooner or later. Previously consumers would have just given up on their problems but now we offer a simple, easy to use website and it COSTS NOTHING for the consumer.

Thank you for your kind words and hopefully more people would feel that way.

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