How it works

iRateiSlate - Who are we?

Are you sick of following formal complaints procedures? Stop wasting your time, money and patience on call centres and complaints forms – Get the justice you deserve!

iRateiSlate is a brand new digital platform designed to help consumers resolve complaints quickly and easily.

How to Complain Effectively and Where to complain online

Please take a moment or two to watch our videos. It will help you gain a better understanding on how to navigate and submit your review easily.

What happens Next - After you Complain

This video explains the steps that we take after you have submitted your review. We cannot guarantee that companies would respond, however it is in their best interest to do so.

We would like to ask for your patience during this period as we sometimes like yourselves experience problems when trying to contact these companies. So sit back relax and wait for Companies to respond.

Complaining Effectively - The Do's Dont's and How Too's

Like every other site, we are here for to help you. We ask that you do not abuse the systems we have in place. Please watch our videos on what is and what’s not allowed on our site.

We hope that you would respect the procedures that we have put in place.