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  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Lied Just To Get The Sale

    Top 10 Most Complained

    GoGroopie (42)
    Another Bad Review

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Terrible Service, Do Not Use

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Flowerfete.co.uk (35)
    Disgusting Service

  • Recently Responded

    Albany Assistance Ltd
    Albany Assistance Complaint

    Top 10 Most Complained

    CESN Consumonics (11)
    Unbelievably Bad Service

  • Recently Responded

    Fastest Route To a Solution Thank You!

    Top 10 Most Complained

    ScS Furniture (10)
    Measured Incorrectly for Carpets

  • Recently Responded

    Completely Ignored! Stressful Experience

    Top 10 Most Complained

    EE (Everything Everywhere) (10)
    Everything Wrong

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Corner Sofa

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Lidl (10)
    Lacks Interest in Customer Safety

  • Recently Responded

    No Item, No Contact

    Top 10 Most Complained

    The White Lighthouse (9)
    Damaged Goods No Refund

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    Salesman Misled me to get Sale

    Top 10 Most Complained

    UCSC Burnley (8)
    Knackered 4x4 by Far

  • Recently Responded

    Poor Quality Product and Even Worse Service

    Top 10 Most Complained

    Quickpass LGV (7)
    Training Course

  • Recently Responded

    ScS Furniture
    No Happy with my Sofa

    Top 10 Most Complained

    M Blue Ltd (5)
    Ignored and Lied To

Latest Reviews

EE (Everything Everywhere) | Everything Wrong Thu 17 Apr 2014 by macbatty7

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The White Lighthouse | Damaged Goods No Refund Wed 16 Apr 2014 by No nickname

Helphire Group | Quick and Easy Tue 08 Apr 2014 by Jake

Lidl | Lacks Interest in Customer Safety Tue 01 Apr 2014 by Suel

Helphire Group | 1st Class Service Sat 29 Mar 2014 by jax

BT (British Telecom) | Good Service Well Done Fri 28 Mar 2014 by no thanks

EE (Everything Everywhere) | Transferring Mobile Number Fri 28 Mar 2014 by angry

Macfixcentre.com | Refund Issues Fri 28 Mar 2014 by Corfiot

Pound Stretcher | Purchased 5 Halogen Heaters This Winter Thu 27 Mar 2014 by robbo

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Growth ForecastA new report published by the Centre for Economic & Business Research (CEBR) suggests that the worst is well and truly over for hard-pressed consumers.

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