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Date: Nov 16, 2013 09:42:39

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Date: Nov 16, 2013 09:42:39

I would like to put in a complaint about an incident which occurred at Primark on the 11/11/13, which i find very disturbing, Unbelievable and disgusting. My partner and I went into the store and did a little bit of clothes shopping for the winter which we were looking forward to.

Going to till no 1 was the biggest mistake of all, the till started making mistakes from the start, when the cashier was scanning the items, it also gave him a total of £150 in the end and before I inserted the card to make the payment he said that there was an error with the system that gave a wrong total, which was £167.40 the correct total. Then he asked us to insert the card in the card machine but it didn't recognize the card after 2 attempts, then he had to get one of his colleagues who wasn't able to solve the problem herself. Someone else came to assist and got it working, we then tried again and on the card reader it read that the "transaction approved" please remove card". After doing so, we were told that the transaction has been declined.

A supervisor then came to us with attitude saying that the payment hasn't gone through, she then sent one of the workers to go upstairs and look at the system. She then returned and said that the payment didn't go through, having said that, the supervisor wanted us to make another payment again I then said hell no! We then decided the we gonna check with the bank to see if the payment had gone through and the bank confirmed that the payment was made. During that time the shop manager was called for assistance and he was also speaking to the bank over the phone and they confirmed it with him but he insisted that 'he couldn't let us leave with the stuff.

We couldn't leave with our stuff which we paid £167.40 for. It was overwhelming and heartbreaking, I was outraged and devastated as I stood in the queue for so long with a crying a baby and being late to pick up my daughter from school. We then had to leave unhappily without our bags and £167.40 less but getting out the door we decided that we were desperately in need of the stuff so we couldn't leave without it. My partner had to borrow the money from a friend so we could get the shopping we just made and we asked to use a different till and one that was working properly. I am very disappointed with Primark slough and how they handled the whole situation.

I am not happy, I felt humiliated with all the other customers looking at us like we did something wrong, and how i had to put myself in debt because of their errors in the system and poor customer service. I just wish that whole situation was dealt with a bit better and professionally and also can send proof of the transaction via bank statement. The employees need to also report when their system on their tills are not working properly in the future to prevent further complications and the management needs to be thought how to handle situations like this when they arise?

FINALLY before I finish I must say that the most annoying thing is that we have to wait 4-5 working days to get our money back,which i find is ridiculous. Thank you in advance for taking time to read my complaint looking forward to hearing from you soon.

kind regards,
neshia tisson.

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